Forks Subscriptions Now Available for upcoming year

To the Residents of Forks Township:


Suburban EMS offers a subscription and donation program to the residents of the communities we serve.  This allows us to offset the cost of funding ambulances, building expenses, medical equipment and training of our volunteers and staff.    Our services are not funded by your tax dollars, including the local services tax (also known as the emergency municipal services tax) therefore, your support will help guarantee that our life saving team will continue to provide emergency and non-emergency services of the utmost quality at the lowest cost possible to you.

Our subscription is now underway for October 1st  (2017)  through September 30  (2018)A benefit from subscribing is that your subscription fee is applied to cover any applicable coinsurance/deductibles up to $500 per emergency ambulance trip that you would otherwise have to pay if you are not a subscriber.  This is not an insurance policy.

We also offer reduced rates for medically necessary non-emergency transportation services for both wheelchair and ambulance not covered by insurance.

Please contact our office at 610-253-3548 to sign up.