Dispatch Services

Suburban EMS has a 24/7 Dispatch Department which tracks all calls the company receives. These calls include both emergency and non-emergency responses. The department is responsible for the call intake on non-emergency transports as well as working with nursing homes and hospitals to ensure correct information is gathered at the time of the request. Our dispatchers are also responsible for assigning crews to emergency responses from both Northampton and Monroe Counties so the closest appropriate unit is utilized to minimize response times to our patients.

Our dispatchers utilize a program that allows them to monitor every call. The software allows the facilities to use an online request portal to arrange all transports. This online platform allows for each facility to see the status of the call on a “real-time” basis. The platform is individualized to each nursing home or hospital, which we partner with. This specifically allows the hospitals to see every request and allows them to prioritize transports based on the acuity of the patient. This helps in moving patients who may be more critical than others.

In addition to the online request portal, our software integrates with both Monroe and Northampton 911 Centers in allowing every emergency call to be updated into the software. This is critical when making decisions regarding which ambulance to send in an expeditious manner when minutes count.



To schedule a transport with our dispatch office call us at 610-253-0760.

If this is a medical emergency please call 9-1-1.


To schedule a transport call 610-253-0760