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Dispatch Services

Suburban EMS has a dispatch system that allows us to track transports from the time we receive the request until the transport is complete.

When the unit clerk makes a request for a transport, the call is immediately recorded to allow us to double check information, if needed.  This system provides us with a way to assure us that our dispatchers are asking the appropriate questions, in order to obtain the correct information and send the proper mode of transportation.  This also reassures us that we are billing the appropriate payer or the responsible party.

Once receiving the call, the request is entered into the dispatch program which tracks the transport.  The program can provide us with a host of information.  The program will also schedule the transport and let the dispatcher know that the transport is coming up and it needs to be assigned to a wheelchair or ambulance crew.  The system will even notify the dispatcher if the transport does not get assigned in a timely manner.

To schedule a transport with our dispatch office call us at 610-253-0760.

If this is a medical emergency please call 9-1-1.


To schedule a transport call 610-253-0760